Nancy Logan

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To whom it may concern:

I believe that there is still a lot of good in this world and that thought brings to mind a recent interaction with your company. In the midst of the Christmas season the technicians for Almeda Water Well arrived with short notice to my elderly parent's house in Alvin to diagnose a problem with the water supply to their home. My mother and father were quite anxious about the situation as 22 members of our family will be in their home for Christmas next week and about the cost of the repairs to re-establish the water to the house.

The techs worked hard and fast without hesitation and eventually discovered the problem and repaired it in short order. There is not a doubt in my mind that hard work, integrity, and professionalism plays a strong role in the success of a business over the years, and it is quite apparent to me that this is the case with Almeda Water Well.

There should never be a doubt about whom to call if you are facing an issue with your water well. My family and I would like you to know how much we appreciate the courtesy you extended to mom and dad. Please don't hesitate to rely upon me for a recommendation and feel free to post this letter as a testament of your dedication of your work.

Warmest Regards,

Nancy Logan

Executive Account Manager



Dear Friends at Almeda Water Well,

Thank you so much for the emergency repair to my well. The 2 gentlemen that came were “Wonderful”! Sorry I didn’t remember their names - but they were great! Diagnosed and repaired in no time. Thank you very much!

Wilma Bray

Mike McGhee

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your generosity last month concerning the well repairs at our home. I certainly did not expect this from you, but Angela and I do appreciate the gesture.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you, personally, and with the Almeda Water Well team. Your company enjoys a well deserved "great" reputation in the area. I wish you the best in the future.

Thanks Again,

Mike McGhee

Jerry & Mimi Cook


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for taking care of our water needs!  Jerry and I thank you very much.  Your “guys” were so nice and very courteous – they did a great job.

Thanks again,

Jerry and MiMi Cook

Frank Simms


It is always a pleasure to find someone to do business with who will be fair and honest.  I want to thank you, Mike, and his crew for a job well done.  I feel like it was a blessing for our paths to have crossed and pray that the feeling is mutual.

Frank Simms

Susan Moore

Dear Mike,

We thank you for all your excellent service installing our water well.  I know the last day was hard for all of you with the rain and coming back for the electric hookup.  We appreciate all your effort.  

Susan Moore

Aletha & Jesse

Dear Mike and crew,

Jesse and I just wanted you to know what a good job you and your men did on making the new deep well for us.  They were very careful with everything and we really appreciated that.  Our water is very good and I am thankful for it every time I don’t have to scrub a sink or tub.  Thanks again.

Aletha and Jesse

The Esquivel Family

Mr. Pyburn,

We are very pleased with your work.  We would like to thank you for speeding along the process.  We would be glad to recommend your work to anybody!

Thank you,

The Esquivel family

Mary Garcia & Cathy Garcia Vasquez

Mr. Pyburn,

Thank you for sending your crew over to repair our well so quickly.  With my brother working out of town, my mother and I are learning to fend for ourselves!  We were so used to my dad taking care of so much.  It’s times like this when we appreciate even more all the business contacts we have kept for so many years.

God bless you and thank you,

Mary Garcia
Cathy Garcia Vasquez

Douglass & Janet McCall

Dear Mr. Pyburn,

We appreciate your service and your employees’ professionalism.  We will highly recommend you to our friends and relatives in the future. 

Thanks again,

Douglas and Janet McCall

Ron Vera

Please tell Mike that the crew, and Mike himself, were very prompt, courteous, and honest.  No wonder your company is always recommended as the first choice for water well service.


Ron Vera

Charles Horne


I want to compliment your crew on a job well done.  They were very efficient in drilling, completing, and equipping the well.  Their courtesy and proficiency is appreciated.  This appears to be an excellent well and the water is so much better than the water we had before.  It is so pleasant to do business with an outfit devoted to quality service.  Thank you.


Charles Horne

Ken & Virginia Foster


We wanted to thank you all for your patience and hard work.  We realize the long hours and schedule organization must have been a nightmare, yet you treated us with the importance of need we felt.  Please never lose that small town neighbor attitude, and please make sure even the “newbie” on the crew doing the grunt work gets our thanks.  Rewards to all.  

Ken and Virginia Foster

Dennis & Debra Adams

March 4, 2009

Almeda Water Well Service,

Thank you very much for your professional and courteous business we experienced with your company.  We will be very happy to let all our friends know to use your service because we were very pleased with our experience with you and your employees.

Many thanks,

Dennis and Debra Adams

Virginia & Linda

October 22, 2013

Almeda Water Well Service,

Thank you, thank you!  Virginia and I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service, as well as the timely and professional work done for us.  My 92 year old mother and I faced a major crisis when our water pump broke beyond repair, two months short of city water in Arcola.  My mother was in tears when she called her long-time friends at Almeda Water Well.

We had water back on before noon.  The entire staff is amazing.  Furthermore, Mike took time to call my mother the next day to confirm all was well.  Customer service at its best!

We will always be grateful for your kindness.  Our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks!

Virginia and Linda

Leah & Ruth Dalmolin


This is a note of thanks on behalf of my mother, Ruth Dalmolin.  Last Saturday, she woke up with no water.  She placed a call to ya’ll and thanks to your assistance, arrangements were made to come over and see if the problem could be solved before the holiday weekend.  

Mike was able to get a crew over and they determined she needed a new tank, and installed it for her that same morning.  We did not get the two employees names but wanted to let ya’ll know they were very professional, understanding, and helpful - greatly reducing her anxiety.  I am very thankful for that as well.

Once again, thanks to everyone for a job well done,

Leah and Ruth Dalmolin